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Back in Istanbul

Chris came to Istanbul a couple of days ago and he’s been talking about his trip non-stop!  He first went to Hong Kong to teach a couple of workshops, and he managed to get caught in a level 8 typhoon while he was there. Everything was closed; except for Starbucks of course. And the yoga studio. =)

Then he went to Singapore to teach at True Yoga. No typhoon there…

Last stop was Bali, Radiantly Alive.

He is now back in Istanbul and we’ll start Level 1 Teacher Training this Friday.

We also have our great friend and amazing teacher Nico Luce coming to Istanbul to teach classes on the Bhagavad Gita at Cihangir Yoga next week. Absolutely looking forward to that.

And me? I’ve been cooking…

Intercontinental Ferry in Istanbul



Chris is in Bali right now, teaching at Radiantly Alive. Check it out… =)



Flying Traveller

We are both at the airport in Vancouver right now-Chris is going to Hong Kong and I am going to Istanbul. As much as I would like to say we are more organized than the guy in the above picture* we do sometimes feel like this. Constantly on the way somewhere. We have lots of tricks we learned along the way that make things easier, but it’s still a lot to coordinate it all.

As some of you know, we have been renting the same apartment in Vancouver for the last three years or so. Over time they have become a little less appreciative of our business, so we decided to make a change. We tried out a new apartment this time and we like this one a lot better. Everything is better quality and cleaner, the apartment is slightly bigger, and the landlady is more pleasant to work with. We gave her all our dates through 2012 and hopefully she’ll be able to accommodate us.

Our flights have been a little complicated lately as well. Chris’ current itinerary:

Vancouver-Hong Kong

Hong Kong-Singapore


Bali-Istanbul (through Singapore and Hong Kong on the way back)

He will be teaching classes in all three locations; first time teaching yoga in Asia. Really looking forward to it.

I am going to Istanbul (through Toronto) to have two weeks off. I’m planning on sleeping, running (I think I will run the 8K for the Eurasia Marathon on the 16th), cooking and practicing lots of yoga. That’s the plan for now anyway. I’m really never truly off from work, just off from traveling.

Then we’ll meet back in Istanbul for the level one TT there.

All this in just two weeks!

* I absolutely love this sculpture. It is by Patrick Amiot and Brigitte Laurent, and it’s inside the domestic terminal at the Vancouver airport.

Teaching “Linking”


Keep your feet hip distance apart,…

Beginning of TT1 in Vancouver


Nice to be here again!

Sunny Vancouver


One more day off before Teacher Training in Vancouver. Chillin’ at the park.

Culinary Adventure


As some of you already know, I attended a month-long certificate program at Leiths School of Food and Wine in London. I do consider myself a pretty decent cook in general, but I wanted to learn more about the technical aspects of cooking. I did know how to make breads, but I wanted to know exactly what happens with correct proportions of flour/salt/yeast. My cakes are pretty good in general, but once in a while they don’t work, and I wanted to know why. I supposed I could have learned all of this on my own, but it was great to have them all taught to me in a class environment.

We had full days: 9:30 to 17:00 everyday, with food demonstrations for half the day and practical kitchen work the other half. We cooked everything from omelets to breads to pastas to profiteroles. It was a wonderful experience. I am now considering going back for the culinary diploma program sometime in the future. 6 more months basically. One drawback: We had wash all our dishes by hand!

Finally Cooling off in Istanbul