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November, 2011:

Happy Thanksgiving


Travels with Lulu

CC with a BMC bike

As most of you know, Chris has been an Ambassador for Lululemon for years. He started with the Beverly Hills store, and over the last two years since we’ve been traveling so much, he’s been doing a lot of work with the head office as well. A couple of weeks ago he was asked to join Lululemon to give the gift of yoga to the employees of BMC in Grenchen, Switzerland. He of course agreed and we had a great time. One day they took three from our group on a bike ride through the mountains. Everyone thought it was going to be a quick ride around the block just so we can experience the bikes, but it ended up being a 2-hour ride, most of which was uphill. I must say I was impressed with Chris’ performance.

London Yoga Show Grounds

We then went to London all together to participate in the Yoga Show there. Chris taught a workshop at Indaba Yoga during the week, and then we spent the weekend at the Lululemon at the Yoga Show. Chris also taught a few 30-minute classes throughout the weekend.