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Date (’12) Location Event Type Contact
Jan 18-22 Vancouver Level 3 TT contact
Feb 7-21 Istanbul Public Classes contact
Feb 17-26 Istanbul Level 3 TT contact
Mar 10-11 Berlin Yoga Raum Workshops contact
Mar 10 Berlin City Yoga Workshop contact
Mar 13-14 Liechtenstein Workshops contact
Mar 17 Zurich Workshop contact
Mar 19-25 Lausanne Immersion contact
Mar 28-29 Copenhagen Workshops contact
Mar 31 Copenhagen Euro Yogi Nomads contact
Apr 2-8 Vancouver Workshops contact
Apr 9-15 Vancouver Immersion contact
Apr 20-29 Istanbul Immersion I contact
May 5-7 Antalya Russian Yoga Conf contact
May 11-13 Oslo Workshops contact
May 26-27 Palma de Mallorca Workshops contact
Jun 1-10 Istanbul Immersion II contact
Jun 8-10 Istanbul Mind Body Conf contact
Jun 18-24 Lausanne Immersion contact
Jun 27-Jul 1 Zurich Immersion I contact
Jul 9-15 Vancouver Workshops contact
Jul 16-22 Vancouver Immersion contact
Aug 3-12 Istanbul Immersion III contact
Aug 29-Sep 2 Zurich Immersion II contact
Sep Oslo Immersion II contact
Oct 1-7 Vancouver Workshops contact
Oct 8-14 Vancouver TT contact
Oct 19-28 Istanbul Level 1 TT contact
Nov 7-11 Zurich Immersion III contact
Dec 3-9 Vancouver Workshops contact
Dec 10-16 Vancouver TT contact

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  1. Arina says:

    Hey there Chris,
    Thanks for the great class, a true celebration of life. What will the workshop be like in Zug? Can I find more information about it somewhere?
    Keep rockin’ I will try to be part of it again.

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