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Posts from ‘September, 2009’

Oh Istanbul

It’s a complicated relationship… I love it, and I hate it too. It’s hard to describe… I had been having a great time here until I had to deal with Turkish customs authorities last week, and I was brought to tears. Why, oh why does life here need to be so complicated? Why do our […]

Breakfast Seranade

By Chris What a beautiful Istanbul morning… it’s great to be able to feel the seasons shifting. Ozlem and I always laugh, because no matter which  season we are in when we are in Istanbul, there will be always be a moment when we are walking somewhere and I will say, “this is my favorite […]

Me so far!

Entry by Chris Sitting having breakfast in our balcony in Istanbul… my first free time to write in weeks!  We have been pretty much non-stop since we left LA, what a ride it’s been.  Ozlem wrote about Switzerland, so I will take you through our Paris adventures and bring you into the present. As always,  […]

Lady's First

OK, the longer I go without updating the blog, the harder it’s getting. So much is going on…. Let’s see… Where did we leave off? Zurich… Lady’s First was the name of our hotel in Zurich. After spending a few days in Menziken, we went to Zurich to do some workshops. We did a teachers’ […]