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Posts from ‘February, 2010’

Winter Wandering

Last week I had spent one entire afternoon writing a witty commentary to Ozlem’s last post… and between previewing and saving… an entire afternoon’s work was gone!! Needless to say, I was all blogged-out and frustrated (and my coffee had started to lose its effects) …. and only just today am I feeling blog-ready!! So, […]

Lausanne, Zürich, Paris…

As you guys know, we lived in LA for about 8 years, and the only snow we saw while we lived there was either far away on top of the mountains (in the rare days when the air was clear enough you could see them from Topanga), or at the park across from our house. […]

January 2010

Yes, we really should update our blog more often. I agree… Well, let’s get to it then. We started 2010 with a “Chris Chavez Challenge” at Cihangir Yoga in Istanbul. It was a week-long challenge with 1.5-2 hour classes with Chris everyday. You can imagine Chris made sure it was challenging. I got to practice […]