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Day -1

Tomorrow we are flying to Vancouver. It will be the first step in a series of cities we will be going to in the next few months, and we decided to started a blog to talk about all the yoga and food we experience in our travels. This should be fun!

We had our last class at the Hub today; it was great. A lot of the regulars, and then some new people. We are very happy about how the community at the Hub has grown in the last month.

Rest of the day was getting rid of more things in the house, trying to figure out what to take with us and what to leave behind. Very challenging… Finally we decided to give away our mandukas we had for years; they are sooooo heavy! We are determined to fit in two bags.

Chris is now finishing off the final session of his teacher training in LA. Then we are off to packing. Keep in touch… -Özlem

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