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February 2nd, 2010:

January 2010

Yes, we really should update our blog more often. I agree…

Well, let’s get to it then.

We started 2010 with a “Chris Chavez Challenge” at Cihangir Yoga in Istanbul. It was a week-long challenge with 1.5-2 hour classes with Chris everyday. You can imagine Chris made sure it was challenging. I got to practice as well and it was a real treat. With so much time on the road it is difficult to get a practice in regularly, so I loved the challenge. So did 30+ other people…

Then we went to Yoga Darsan in Ankara for a weekend workshop. Özlem and her kula were simply amazing. The studio was beautiful, the host wonderful and the community just lovely. We practiced, went out for lunches and dinners, and planned many trips together for the future. Stay tuned for the details on that one; there will be some cool surprises…

We then went back to Istanbul and spent another week and a half just enjoying the city.

Last couple of days of the month we went to Lausanne for workshops with Christine Jaccoud at her studio. What a treat! We had students coming all the way from Paris to join us in the fun. And Christine is coming to the Paris workshop to see us again in a couple of weeks.

We are now in snow-covered Zurich, teaching Olive’s classes at Yogalives. Going wonderful so far.

I do have lots of photos to share with you from all these workshops and classes, but unfortunately I left the cable to the camera in Istanbul. I will upload them in a couple of weeks.

Until next time… Stay warm.