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On the Way to Find out

Whether we can get to Istanbul through Zurich. Basel flight was cancelled due to weather conditions in Istanbul. We’ll try the 6 pm from Zurich.

Bazzle Dazzle in Basel

In Basel for the European Yogi Nomads.

Our Little Château in Lausanne

Cowshed in London

Pedicures after a long flight. Feels good!

Travels with Lulu

As most of you know, Chris has been an Ambassador for Lululemon for years. He started with the Beverly Hills store, and over the last two years since we’ve been traveling so much, he’s been doing a lot of work with the head office as well. A couple of weeks ago he was asked to […]


Back in Istanbul

Chris came to Istanbul a couple of days ago and he’s been talking about his trip non-stop!  He first went to Hong Kong to teach a couple of workshops, and he managed to get caught in a level 8 typhoon while he was there. Everything was closed; except for Starbucks of course. And the yoga […]

Intercontinental Ferry in Istanbul

Flying Traveller

We are both at the airport in Vancouver right now-Chris is going to Hong Kong and I am going to Istanbul. As much as I would like to say we are more organized than the guy in the above picture* we do sometimes feel like this. Constantly on the way somewhere. We have lots of […]

Sunny Vancouver

One more day off before Teacher Training in Vancouver. Chillin’ at the park.