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Virgin Mobile Pre Contract Credit Agreement

(ff) “port” or “porting”, if we transfer your telephone number from another network operator to us or from us to another network operator, if you have a valid agreement with us; If you do not want your contract to change in this way and terminate the contract at the end of the minimum period, you must inform us at least 30 days in advance (before the expiry of your minimum term). 14.4 Taxes. Even if we suspend services in accordance with this clause 14, you will remain responsible for all charges due under this agreement for the entire suspension period if the suspension is due to your fault (including any monthly charges such as monthly payments to your phone plan, whether or not your SIM card has been separated from the network), except: we, in our sole discretion, to decide differently. Thank you very much! Your agreement has been signed now and your shiny new device or devices will soon find their way to you. Our Classic contracts give you the flexibility to change your allowances each month, depending on what you need. They also give you standard ultra-fast 4G, data rollover, and data-free messaging on WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Twitter. 5.3 Monthly Credit Limit. The monthly credit limit we set for your contract package applies to all services and is of an amount that we deem appropriate in our sole discretion. We are not responsible if you exceed the credit limit set from time to time, but you will be! 3.3 Payment Options. You can pay the fee (i) in advance using the advance options. or (ii) if we accept late contract packages, provided that you comply with any conditions we impose from time to time, such as for example. B obtaining credit quality control and agreeing to payment of fees by direct debit order from one of your bank accounts or credit card, or how we can give our consent; or (iii) reloading your advance or contract package at any time with top-up vouchers.

15.1 Cancellation for any reason. Either of us may revoke this contract at any time for any reason by making available to the other party the documents necessary to take effect for 20 working days with the necessary documents. We now offer two types of contracts to give you additional flexibility in choosing the type of contract that suits you best. 15.2 Cancellation for infringement or insolvency. In addition to clause 15.1, we also have the right to terminate this agreement if: (rr) “conversation limit” means the monthly limit that you choose or that is made available to you in relation to the package you have chosen to control your expenses, which must be less than your credit limit and greater than or equal to your minimum monthly commitment; The new plan will be a 30-day rollover contract (which either of us can complete for one reason or another with a delay of at least 30 days) and is listed on your next monthly invoice, and you can speak to the team if you have any questions. We will continue to charge you these fees in the same way until you or we terminate the contract, as provided for in clause J. 5.6 months after month. Upon expiry of the contract term applicable to the contract package you have chosen, the contract package will continue from month to month until you tell us in writing that you wish to terminate or renew the contract in writing. 18.1 Complaints.

If you have a complaint about our service, you can contact us at any time: inform us by writing to us at or by calling the after-sales service on 123 free of charge from your phone or on 0741 000 123. We will try to resolve your request or dispute as quickly as possible by escalating it to the appropriate person. 5.1 Special services. Some services can only be available to you if we agree to give you a package of contracts – you must be solvent to qualify! The following words we use in this agreement have this meaning: 13.6 exclusions. . . .

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