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Types Of Agency Agreements Uk

We`ve seen scenarios in which an agent introduces a potential buyer during their agency period alone, but the sale doesn`t take place and the single agent contract is terminated. Where the property is marketed through other agents and ultimately sold to the purchaser introduced by the original agent, that original agent is entitled to a royalty if he is able to prove that this was the actual reason for the eventual sale [Foxtons Ltd v Pelkey Bicknell and Another]. Much has been said and written about what an effective introduction is that I will not discuss in this article; Suffice it to say that an effective introduction is an introduction that can help bring a buyer to the transaction [Nahum v Royal Holloway and Bedford New College], and the actual introduction is the one that actually led to the sale. A commercial agent contract whose rights are not exclusive means that the prime contractor is able to appoint other agents in the agent`s territory and seek the direct sale of his goods or services. . . .

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