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Erasmus Grant Agreement Template

When the project is selected for EU funding under Erasmus+, templates for grant agreements and grant decisions used under the Erasmus+ programme will be made available on the websites of the European Commission and the Executive Agency later this year. Erasmus+ KA103 Model grant agreement for Erasmus+ studies and/or traineeships in programme countries These agreements are concluded by higher education institutions participating in Erasmus+ for mobility activities for students or staff. Each grant agreement is drawn up using the general terms and conditions, together with the specific contractual provisions applicable according to the action and the project. Erasmus+ KA107 Model erasmus+ grant agreement staff mobility for education and training between programmes and partner countries Presentation of grant agreements to be signed with Erasmus+ beneficiaries. If these mandates are subsequently awarded, they must be made available at the latest at the time of signature of the grant agreement. Exceptionally, in the case of strategic partnerships in the format “school exchange partnerships”, each participating organization participating in a selected project signs a separate (mono-advantageous) grant agreement specific to its share of the grant, with the National Agency established in its own country. Erasmus+ KA103 Learning Agreement Student mobility model for studies. Guides for IT systems used by applicants and beneficiaries. the application forms to be completed by applicants wishing to participate in activities supported by the Erasmus+ programme. To be eligible, the application forms must be duly completed and submitted to the National Agency or the Executive Agency within the deadlines set out in the specific calls for proposals. The general conditions are the provisions common to all actions and sectors. .

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