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Borsa Istanbul Market Data Agreement

On March 3, 2015, Borsa İstanbul said she planned to go public in Ankara`s latest step to strengthen its $220 billion stock market. The exchange said it expected up to 43 percent of its capital to be listed by selling most of the shares held by the national finance ministry. On December 31, 2013, Nasdaq OMX announced that it was taking a 5% stake in Borsa Istanbul under an agreement that included technology sharing and advisory services. Nasdaq will have the opportunity to increase its stake in the Turkish company by 2% and receive a number of cash payments. Borsa Istanbul will participate in the technology of the Nasdaq market. [16] Following an agreement with Borsa Istanbul, the London Stock Exchange will start trading Turkish futures and options. The agreement will help open up the Turkish market to more investors; it will also contribute to deepening the market for LSE derivatives that it has established in recent years. Borsa İstanbul is a self-regulatory entity established on the basis of Law No. 6362 on Capital Markets, Turkey`s new law regulating capital markets, which entered into force at the end of 2012. [14] The law aims to create a more transparent, efficient and competitive environment for capital markets in Turkey, increase institutional investment and help the country adapt to EU capital market regulation.

On December 11, 2015, Borsa İstanbul was officially launched on nine Nasdaq technologies, including trade and clearing, settlement, market data management, index calculation, market surveillance, business intelligence and pre-trade risk management. The rules on operational procedures were adopted by Parliament and the Istanbul Stock Exchange was officially inaugurated at the end of 1985. E-commerce specialist Orc has launched a high-speed link to Borsa İstanbul. which, in 2013, brought together all the Turkish capital market exchanges under one roof. “Turkey is becoming an increasingly attractive market, with a steady increase in business activities and demand from the region,” Orc said. Exchanges offer stocks and derivatives. The Exchange offers securities on more than 400 companies, ETFs, REITs and real estate certificates. It offers derivatives trading, including futures on its BIST 30 index, individual equity futures, FX futures, precious metals, commodities, energy, foreign indices and metals. It also offers a wide range of post-trade services, including clearing and settlement, banking and treasury services, as well as deposit and bank account management. [4] The wisdom of emerging stock market operations was the subject of controversy on Wednesday at the Mondo Visione Exchange Forum in London, with some participants criticising the deals as “not worth the miles they were written on”.

Others have seen it in a more positive way. In front of the protocol entrance of the ISE building is a magnificent four-meter-high marble statue of the “bull and bear”. The statue, created by one of Turkey`s leading sculptors, Mehmet Aksoy, symbolizes the behavior of the world`s stock markets, an aggressive bull ready to attack the capitulating bear…

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