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Axis Powers Agreement

The Spanish state of Caudillo Francisco Franco provided moral, economic and military support to the Axis powers, while maintaining nominal neutrality. Franco called Spain a member of the axis and in 1941 signed the anti-Comintern pact with Hitler and Mussolini. In a statement issued on May 26, 1942 with Germany, Franco declared that Portugal should be connected to Spain. [129] The Nanjing government had no real power; Its main mission was to serve as a propaganda tool for the Japanese. The Nanjing government concluded agreements with Japan and Manchoukuo that authorized the Japanese occupation of China and recognized the independence of Manchoukuo under The Protection of Japan. Nanjing`s government signed the anti-communist pact of 1941 and declared war on the United States and the United Kingdom on January 9, 1943. Among the small Axis powers, six were dissolved until the end of the war: Vichy-France, the Independent State of Croatia, Slovakia, Manchoukuo, the Italian Social Republic and the Provisional Government of Free India. Of the six, only three would reappear under completely separate governments. The ties between the Axis powers were strengthened by a comprehensive military and political alliance between Germany and Italy (Steel Pact, 22 May 1939) and by the Tripartite Pact signed by the three powers on 27 September 1940, one year after the German invasion of Poland and the beginning of the Second World War.

During the war, a number of other countries joined the axis, induced by coercion or the promise of territory or by the protection of axis powers. These include Hungary, Romania and Slovakia (after the partition of Czechoslovakia in 1939) in November 1940, Bulgaria and Yugoslavia in March 1941 and the departure of Yugoslavia to Croatia (June 1941). Although Finland did not formally accede to the Tripartite Pact, it cooperated with the Axis because of its opposition to the Soviet Union (to which Finland had been forced to cede its territory in 1940) and entered the war in 1941. ARTICLE II. Italy, Germany and Japan undertake that none of the parties to the present agreement will conclude a ceasefire or peace, either with the United States or with England, without a full and reciprocal agreement [of the three signatories of this Pact]. Two days later, Antonescu forced the king to abdicate and placed king Michael`s young son (Mihai), who then declared himself a driver (“Guide”) with dictatorial powers. .

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