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Api Alternative Marketing Agreement

Subject to the terms set forth in this Agreement, including the restrictions referred to in Section 3, Innovate MR grants the Licensee a non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-licensable, worldwide, revocable right and license to: (a) use and call the INNOVATE MR API and use the innovate MR Services (and the licensed materials so accessible); to develop, implement and use applications, services or software products (the “Licensee Applications”) that interact, implement and use the Innovation MR Services; (b) use the Content only to the extent necessary to format and display it through licensee`s applications and (c) use and display innovative MR Marks only to ascertain that the licensed materials originate from the Innovate MR Services. Licensee shall include and display the MR innovate marks, including, where applicable, the logo (as provided by Innovate MR), in licensee`s applications. MR innovate marks, including but not limited to the logo, must be of original size and placed in a clear and visible part of the client interface of the license applications. In addition, Licensee shall include the MR innovate marks, including, but not limited to, the logo, in its initial size, in a clear and visible part of any communication with licensee`s customer or potential customer, such as.B. without restriction in marketing materials, websites, press releases and other communications. . . .

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