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Agreement Dyplomacja

Arndt Freytag von Loringhoven, according to the Porta, has been waiting 13 weeks for the so-called deal since the German government appointed him to a Warsaw outpost to succeed Rolf Nikel. The portal, citing the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, indicates that the reason the Polish government has long withheld the entry permission of a German diplomat is its origin. Arndt freytag of Loringhoven he sr. was during World War II assistant to successive German Chiefs of Staff and reported Adolf Hitler himself and participated in deliberations at the headquarters of the House of the Third Reich. Arndt Freytag von Loringhoven is a long-time civil servant and diplomat, German Ambassador to the Czech Republic from 2014 to 2016. From 2007 to 2010, he was deputy head of the German secret service (BND) and the first head of NATO`s secret services since 2016. Historical issues remain “the most sensitive context of German-Polish relations and constitute a major challenge for any representative of the Federal Republic of Germany, especially for the Ambassador, the most important representative of the Federal Republic of Poland”. Asked how a German diplomat responded to these requests, he replied: “He took note of them, it indicates media freedom and the government`s lack of influence over these publications.” In practice, the prior approval procedure concerns the heads of diplomatic representation in first class (ambassador, apostolic nuncio) and second class (deputy). In the case of the Chargé d`affaires, i.e. the head of mission of the third (last) class, no application for approval is made.

“Today we have seized on the German Foreign Ministry a series of articles in the German media, which use manipulations and lies and raise suspicions that in the background there is a desire to influence the democratic electoral process in Poland,” Szynkowski alias Sęk said after the meeting. “I expressed such an objection, which was clearly expressed at this meeting, while stressing that we fully respect media freedom, but the handling of fake news and manipulation goes beyond this media freedom and therefore cannot be accepted,” the MSZ deputy head stressed. Approval (for “approval, approval, acceptance” of “friendly, pleasant, attractive” grātus) – in diplomatic law, the provisional agreement of the State to receive a particular person as head of the diplomatic representation of a foreign State. Before sending the head of mission, the sending State must ensure that he or she is accepted by the host State. The application for a pardon allowance (application for accreditation) is transmitted, in complete confidentiality, to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the State where the person is to be accredited, together with the short curriculum vitae of the candidate. The host Member State is free to issue or refuse an authorisation and, in the event of refusal, it is not required to give reasons, although it generally does so to explain the reasons for its decision. The confidentiality of this procedure must guarantee the freedom of States and the protection of the prestige of the candidate himself in the event of a refusal to lodge a complaint. I have informed the chargé d`affaires DE that a number of articles in the media, which are manipulative and false, suggest that they want to influence dementia. .

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