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Tng Merchant Agreement

TNG`s e-membership system allows merchants to take full care of customers. In other words, the main advantage of the ability to use AliPay is that it also works in China. Visitors to the country can purchase a Tour Pass that gives them the opportunity to add money without first having a Chinese bank account. This is valuable for tourists, as China has largely stopped using physical cash and many merchants accept payments only through electronic wallets. SME merchants who accept payments via the Touch`n Go eWallet static control code are charged 0.5%. Bonus: GrabPay has the advantage of being part of the Grab Platform ecosystem; Essentially, it allows to be used to call a funeral trip or use it to order from Grab Food. It also has a partnership with Maybank for multi-platform use with merchants who accept Maybank Pay. 3.8 TNG may offer bonuses, promotions or promotions from time to time (together “Promotions”). These promotions are subject to the conditions imposed by TNG with regard to promotions and TNG reserves the right to rule definitively in the event of a dispute or disagreement. For this comparison, we use the main metrics of an electronic wallet. First, payment technology is important to start seeing how easy it is for customers and merchants to use the system. Then there is a short list of stores that accept the specific e-wallet; This is not a complete directory, as it would use too much disk space to fit everything in one place. Instead, it is a collection of the most useful storage places.

A low cost for TNG Wallet SMEs allows merchants to obtain T-1 payments, i.e. merchants can receive payments the next day. TNG Wallet`s average transaction costs range from 1 to 1.5%. Outstanding Dealers: Wherever paper towel supports credit cards In accordance with the reseller agreement s.5.6, merchants cannot charge additional fees, surcharges, processing fees or mark-ups to their customers. API for website and application developers TNG`s target customers are SMEs and e-commerce operators and provides the API so merchants can receive payments. Kong pointed out that this is useful for those who want to avoid high credit card fees. We accept all merchants, large or small, with no minimum transaction volume or revenue requirement. 2.1 These CGs constitute a legally binding agreement between you (as a customer of TNG) and TNG (Asia) Limited (“TNG”), owner and operator of TNG Wallet (“TNG Wallet”) in Hong Kong, which is a legally binding agreement under the Hong Kong license number (“HKMA”) effective August 25, 2016 for the use of your TNG Wallet. TNG Wallet or any consumer product/item with its technology and/or any electronic wallet with its technology will be called “TNG Wallet,” “TNG account” or “TNG system” below. The TNG Wallet and TNG Account have the same meaning and are used interchangeably in these CGVs.

By using TNG Wallet, you agree to these terms and conditions. In the future, this step will at least make some of these services interchangeable and increase the number of merchants available to benefit their customers. By default, all merchants receive an SMS notification for a successful transaction. We also have the Touch`n Go eWallet In-App notification. If you are interested in activating the Touch`n Go eWallet In-App notification, please complete this form and the feature will be activated within 3 business days. Bonus: MaybankPay has had a much quieter publication than all the other e-wallets on this list. Overall, it doesn`t have quite as many bonus features as the competition; focus exclusively on providing an e-wallet to support Maybank`s product line.

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