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Ski Framework Agreement

IT Relation has won a seat in part of the latest SKI 02.22 framework agreement on the functioning of information technology. This means that as a public body, you can enter into framework agreements with IT Relation in the following areas: Atea Denmark has been informed that it has been selected to provide IT management advice and technical services as part of a framework agreement with SKI (Staten og Kommunernes Indk-bs Service A/S). The framework agreement is expected to be signed on 11 December 2017 and will last two years from 12 December 2017 and with an option to extend an additional 1-1 year, totalling four years. Financial statements have a total estimated value of at least MKK 300 for the first two years. A tendering procedure in SKI gives rise to a framework agreement defining the goods or services for sale and the conditions and prices for sale. Through the use of a SKI framework agreement, a public organisation can order its goods or services and ensure that the requirements of the EU directives have been met. As a result, they do not need to complete a lengthy and costly PSR process, but can purchase directly from the list of eligible suppliers and solutions from the SKI e catalogue. “Basware can now provide top-not only solutions for lenders, purchasing management and travel and fee management on pre-agreed terms, without having to go through a tendering process. If you become a provider of the SKI contract, it is much easier for public buyers to treat us on the best possible terms,” explains Henrik Stanley-Madsen, Managing Director, Basware Denmark.

Framework Agreement 02.19 refers to “SaaS-Cloud.” This agreement allows public stakeholders to acquire standardized solutions through SKI-approved suppliers. We provide our IT infrastructure assessment tool to support this agreement. OpsAI is an instrument that has been successfully implemented in a large number of public organisations and currently supports the Danish public sector on a daily basis in improving information technology. A framework agreement is a purchase agreement that allows you, as a public body, to purchase standard goods in large quantities. This also applies to computers, software and computer consulting. Framework agreements with NTU include the benefits that companies can derive from a backup service, including increased security and compliance, as well as less pressure on internal IT investments and resources. It is possible to conclude a BaaS agreement as a SKI 02.22 framework agreement for a large number of services within the IT company. Approval of ProActive`s offer under SKI offers both proActive and WorkPoint in the public sector a great opportunity, as positive valuation according to public sector and EU requirements gives them a stronger position in the public market.

ProActive`s Managing Director, Gorm Priem, sees the ski framework as a step towards stronger and more dynamic cooperation between ProActive, WorkPoint and public organisations: 15 suppliers are part of this new framework agreement with 14 performance areas, including IT management, security, governance, infrastructure, architecture and technical services. Espoo, Finland – August 26, 2019 – Basware, a global leader in innovative network-to-pay solutions, e-billing and financing services, has been accepted in the recent SKI Framework Agreement on Cloud Solutions to support financial and administrative processes in Denmark. Basware is the only full provider of the suite to pay in the frame.

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