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Scuttle An Agreement

This is the third time they have pushed back the timetable – I think they will postpone it for another three months, in part because the Iranians are increasing their demands. I think that at the end of the day, the Iranians could be the ones who shorten this agreement, if there was an agreement, it would be an agreement that would make us get much closer to their position on these issues than to approach ours. Therefore: defeat, frustrate, abandon or leave; — plans, projects, actions, hopes; the review committee reduced the project for lack of money. Reduce holes through the ground; how, to cut a skut`l ship, n. the openings or hatches of a ship: a hole in the hatches or in the flank or bottom of a ship.-v.t., to cut holes through a part of a ship: sink a ship by cutting holes in it. Scutt`le-butt, -cask, a barrel with a hole in it cut for the cup or dipper, for keeping drinking water in a ship; Scutt`le-fish, a squid. [O. Fr. escoutille, a hatch (sp. escotilla), dut. schoot, knees; Ger. He shot, busom, a ride.

Scutel `dish, platte`, old Norse skutill, in Latin scutella `dish`. . . What is British Reimslang for Pinch (as in Steal)? Etymology: Scutel, scutella, diminutive form of Scutra, Perhapes associated with Scutum; Compare the bowl of german. . 1Sink (the ship) voluntarily, recovering it or opening its sea taps to let in the water. Synonyms: hurry, rush, snuggle, walk (influence, be busy). . A small hole or port cut either in the deck or side of a ship, usually for ventilation. There`s a little hatch on the bridge. .

1A metal container with a handle, used to recover and store coal for a house fire. Результатов : 44. Точных совпадений : 44. 50. Etymology: [OF. F. scoutille, cf. Sp. escotilla; probably similar to sp. escotar, to cut something, to shape it, to hollow a garment around the neck, perhaps originally to cut a piece in the shape of a busom, and of Teutonic origin; cf. D. schoot lap, bosom, G.

schos, goth. skauts of a hem. See Sheet an immensity.] Индекс слова: 1-300, 301-600, 601-900, Больше . . coal containers; to allow coal to be watered on the fire. skutl, n. a flat basket: a container to hold coal. [A.S. scutel-L. scutella, a salvo, Sun.

de scutra, a dish.] a small opening or hatch in the deck of a ship, large enough to accommodate a man, and with a lid for the cover, too, a similar hole in the side or bottom of a ship. a small hole in an outside wall or blanket, equipped with a scuttle lid is a figure from the Disney animated film “The Little Mermaid”. It`s a seagull. When Ariel sees Eric, she wants to meet him. That`s how she goes to Scuttle, who teaches her everything about the human world. He returns for a supporting role in “The Little Mermaid II: Back to the Sea.” He`s invited to House of Mouse. to cut a hole or holes across the ground, deck or sides of (like a ship) at any end. At the end of the 15th century, compare to the scuddle dialect, often scud. skutl, v.i.

to scud or run with haste: to hurry.-n.

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