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Enforceability Of Agreement In Labour Law

The minimum wage (minimum wage) is the amount of monthly wages guaranteed by federal law for the work of an unskilled worker who, under normal working conditions, has achieved the entirety of a working period under normal working conditions. The employment contract may be subject to the conditions of the trial period, confidentiality obligations regarding the secrets protected by law (state, civil servants, trade and others), the obligation for the worker to work for a specified period of time after the training, if such training is offered at the employer`s expense, as well as other conditions that do not aggravate the worker`s situation in relation to this code. laws and other normative acts, the collective agreement, agreements. Employers who already prescribe individual conciliation may have confidence in their application, at least with respect to compensation and scheduling rights under federal law. Employers who have not implemented such agreements may want to consider them now. Procedures for the deadline for drafting the draft agreement and its conclusion are decided by the Commission. An employment contract must be terminated due to a violation of the binding rules governing its conclusion, provided for by this Code (Article 11, Article 77) or other federal laws, if a violation of these rules excludes the possibility of continuing the work in the following cases: additional guarantees and allowances may be set by laws of the Russian Federation collective agreements. , agreements on a financial situation basis in matters of the Russian Federation and employers. The amount of the additional salary for the combination of jobs (positions) or the performance of the duties of a temporarily absent worker is determined on the basis of the agreement of the parties to the employment contract. The right to negotiate collective agreements, agreements on behalf of workers at the level of the Russian Federation, a theme of the Russian Federation, and the industry of signing a territory, is granted to the trade unions concerned (trade union confederations). If several unions (union associations) exist at the appropriate level, each of them has the right to be represented in a single representative body for collective bargaining, which is made up taking into account the number of union members it represents. In the absence of agreement on the creation of a single representative body for collective bargaining, the right to participate is granted to the union (union confederation), which brings together the largest number of union members.

Article 171. Guarantees for workers employed in unions and labour dispute committees, it is permissible to attract creative collaborators from film, television and video recording organisations, theatres, theatres, theatre and concert organisations, circuses, media, professional sportsmen and sportsmen on holidays and holidays, according to lists of categories of these workers in budget-funded organisations in the order established by the government of Russian Federation. , and in other organizations – in the order defined in the collective agreement. In the case of leave with subsequent dismissal in the event of termination of the employment contract at the worker`s initiative, that worker has the right to withdraw his application for dismissal before the day of leave, unless another worker is assigned to the job. The rules of the organization`s internal work rules are generally an endorsement of the collective agreement. During the training period, trainees receive a scholarship at the amount specified in the training contract and receive, depending on the profession, membership or qualification for which they are trained, but no less than the legal minimum wage. Changes in the significant terms of an employment contract that could degrade the worker`s position in relation to the terms of a collective agreement cannot come into force.

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