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Bnz Visa Agreement

Depending on the date of your loan agreement, you may need to read more than one version of the terms and conditions below. If you have a letter of advice, please consult your loan-master contract. 21.13 Partner responsibility: You are all jointly responsible for all amounts liability for your partner account as well as for the performance of all obligations imposed by these conditions or by law regarding your partnership account (even if we close or close the account). This means that we can ask you to pay either a party or all the money that comes back to us, even if another of your partners and/or your authorized signatories is responsible. However, the liability of a sponsorship in a single limited partnership contract will not exceed that partner`s liability under the respective 2008 partnership agreement. 2.5 Maintaining internal controls: If you are an organization or a company, you agree to maintain appropriate internal controls to ensure that unauthorized, false or fraudulent transactions are made on your account. If you are an organization or a business, we do not have an obligation to verify that your account is in compliance with your current documents (z.B. Your incorporation or partnership agreement). (a) to enter into information (including documents, communications, legal communications and other communications that may be signed by BNZ) and agreements electronically or electronically regarding all products and services you have with us, including by signing and returning documents through the video banking service; and 10.1 Security for money owed under these conditions: If you enter into a security contract with us, it will guarantee all the money you owe us in accordance with these conditions. If you do not comply with your obligations under these conditions, we may, in the interest of security, be able to recover and sell secure real estate and you will be responsible for any costs we incur, as stated in the security agreement.

2.6 Powers: A power of attorney gives someone the right to sign documents or make agreements for you. We do not need to accept that someone with a power of attorney can use your account (s) for you. If a power of attorney is used, you or your lawyer must provide us with a copy of the power of attorney, and we may ask you to confirm all transactions made by your lawyer. Your lawyer must provide us with a certificate of non-retraction if the power of attorney is used. If you want your lawyer to make daily transactions on your (s) account (s), we advise you to appoint that lawyer as an authorized signatory instead of using a power of attorney. In this section, we describe some of the features of your agreement with us, including how we can change them. 2.14 Ownership of funds: Unless otherwise stated, you acknowledge that you are exclusively entitled to the funds in your accounts, that they belong to you and that no other person is of legal or advantageous interest. 18.13 Special Mentions: We are not required to verify compliance with a notification or instruction to apply the proceeds of a cheque for a specified purpose or condition.

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