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Activate Azure Enterprise Agreement

As an Azure business administrator, you can allow account holders in your organization to create subscriptions based on the EA Dev/Test offer. To do this, select the Dev/Test field for the account owner in the Azure EA portal. Once the new Azure Marketplace subscriptions are activated under your Azure EA registration, you`ll stop Azure Marketplace services created in the Pay-As-You Go environment. This is important to ensure that your Azure Marketplace subscriptions are not in bad shape when your pay-As-You Go payment instrument expires. When the warning message is displayed, the account owner must select to continue in order to activate the account when the first connection to the Azure Enterprise portal is made. Once the prices have been verified and validated, click Publish. Corporate administrators are available as soon as the publication is selected. No markings can be made on the marking. You need to disable markup and start in step 1. Registration has one of the following status values. Each value determines how you can use and access a record. Registration status determines the phase of your registration.

You will indicate whether the record should be activated before it is used. Or if the initial period is over and you are charged for overuse. To create an Azure business offer subscription, you must be eligible for the account owner`s role on the EA portal. There will be a time when you will need to migrate an existing PayG subscription to your Enteprise agreement. Imagine that your company has bought a small and innovative start-up that works with Azure. However, they did not yet have a company agreement with Microsoft and pay their Azure bills by credit card. Not what you want in a business environment. Yes, you can transfer ownership of the subscription to another account. For example, if an A account has three subscriptions, the company administrator can transfer a subscription to account B, one to account C and one to account D. Or you can transfer all subscriptions to the E. 1 account A business administrator must grant these privileges. If you have been given permission to indicate the monthly usage and the department`s fees, but you cannot see them, contact your partner.

The markup allows partner directors to add a percentage mark to their indirect enterprise agreements. The mark-up percentage applies to all Microsoft service information for the first parties on the Azure EA portal, z.B.: counter rate, Azure pre-payment and orders. After the markup was published by the partner, the customer sees azure-Kosten in the Azure EA Portal. For example, usage summaries, price lists and downloaded usage reports.

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