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Service Level Agreement For Lift

For more information on The Elevators` lift maintenance contracts, please contact us via our application form or by phone on 0208 308 5040. With an MSA, cooperation and communication with the customer are built and form the basis of a strong and current relationship. Every time we work, we collect and analyze all the data to make sure that all our processes are as efficient as possible. In some cases, we may find better ways to do the same thing. For example, our engineers may find that it is possible to lift components with a 300-ton tracked crane instead of two 200-ton cranes. Or you can see a faster or cheaper way to move a device with sockets and SPMTs instead of a tracked crane, for example. B on a very overcrowded place. Our ability to provide alternative equipment and develop different approaches means we can reduce schedules, improve safety and reduce costs. If you have an elevator that you think is a good maintenance, or if you need copies of inspection reports, contact your elevator service provider who can provide this information.

An elevator maintenance company may also conduct a thorough review that can be used to verify the proper performance of the elevator maintenance contract. An experienced elevator service company can also arrange an on-site tour, inspect completely and advise your elevators. As part of a service contract, your service provider should be able to inform you of any violations of the law or compromises regarding passenger safety, spare parts or any necessary renovations. It is recognized that the maintenance of this type of equipment is highly specialized and is therefore likely to be provided by a serious elevator service provider. This assistance is provided by an elevator maintenance contract. You should prove, usually service reports or equivalents, that you took care of the equipment in accordance with the requirements of PUWER and LOLER. Elevator owners are required to be informed of changes to legislation, standards and codes of conduct that may affect their elevators. Mammoet has extensive experience in carrying out heavy work and transportation for a number of important industries, including mining, chemical facilities and refineries, conventional energy, nuclear power plants, wind power, offshore facilities and much more. Among other things, we are known for making world record elevators and for our technical innovation. But the real value of partnering with us is that we can optimize lifting and transportation services in any situation, especially when it comes to maintenance work designed to minimize downtime. With nearly 50,000 facilities across the UK and more than 92,000 units in our service portfolio, Stannah offers a wide range of elevator solutions and services to move people and goods.

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