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Rental Agreement Rules Singapore

The market practice is that if the rent amount is less than 3,500 S., a commission of half a month is due. It depends on what is stipulated in the lease. Please read our new article for more details: Expat leaseholders and expatriate tenants Litigation Rentals in Singapore Rental Hello guys, please give me some tips on how to resolve my situation now. I am a tenant of a store. In the last six months, I have stopped my activity because the competent authorities have not obtained a licence. Because of the mandatory contract, I always pay the monthly rent to my landlord. I have also tried to find new tenants interested in taking over the store, so I will be free of this binding contract. Until recently, I had a tenant interested in taking over the store, but due to small disputes between the owner and the interested tenant, the interested tenant decided not to take over the store. That`s why I have to keep paying the high rent every month without cashing in. In addition, the landlord asks the new tenant to purchase a public policy that costs about $1,000 a year, which excites the interested tenant because he does not see the need to purchase this insurance. Nor is that included in the treaty. In addition, all interested listings and tenants are recommended by me, but not by the landlord.

The landlord has also agreed to take over when looking for new tenants, but there is no result from him. Maybe it`s because he has his monthly rent on my part, so he doesn`t have to try to find new tenants. Help me get out of this situation. Thank you very much. For example, owners or tenants of HDB public tenancy, with the exception of the occupancy limit, also apply to tenants who sublet the property. As the owner of the property, you need to make sure your customers follow the rules. The tenant is responsible for the maintenance of the leased land, performs minor repairs at his own expense. In a standard agreement, the tenant is only liable if the amount of the repair does not exceed 100 or 150 S. Under Singapore`s legal system, leases can only be entered into in the form of leases or licences.

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