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Labour Market Development Agreement

3.2 In municipalities where Canada or Manitoba, but not all, currently have offices, agreements are reached during the transition period to ensure clients have access to federal and provincial programs and services. On the basis of practical considerations, this could take the form of information on deriniers, including brochures and applications, up to the full provision of programmes and services. Where appropriate, co-location agreements will also be concluded by federal officials involved in the implementation of the remaining HRDC labour market programs and services. Under this provision, the following communities are being considered: both parties recognize the possibility of achieving significant quality savings and improvements through the future development, management and financing of the system`s infrastructure that meets the objectives of regional and national labour market programmes. With respect to labour market programming for Aboriginal people, a federal responsibility, a key program is the Aboriginal Skills and Employment Training Strategy (ASETS). The strategy aims, among other things, to increase the employability and employability of First Nations, Inuit and Métis by supporting demand-driven skills development, encouraging partnerships with the private sector and provinces and territories, and focusing on increasing accountability and outcomes. Aboriginal groups and organizations that sign program provisions as part of the Skills and Employment Training Strategy are called ASET holders. They receive funds to provide investment services in accordance with the objectives set for ASETS. Funding for this strategy also includes dollars for the provision of services under LMDAs. The Employment Insurance Commission of Canada reported Aboriginal clients in its 2012/2013 EIMAR. Canada and Manitoba agree on the importance of measuring, monitoring, evaluating and evaluating the success of their labour market development programs and services in helping Manitoba`s unemployed prepare, find and maintain jobs. In our upcoming discussions with you, some elements will be decisive. As outlined in the labour market proposal, a priority is to develop a common, results-oriented framework that will support active labour market measures.

This will help ensure customer access, employment and savings. I am writing about the Canadian government`s proposal for new rules on labour market programs. As you know, Minister Young wants to make rapid progress toward new labour market agreements with all provinces and territories and has recently written to his provincial and territorial counterparts to highlight his commitment. For your information, I have attached Minister Young`s letter to Minister McIntosh. Canada and Manitoba recognize the value to Manitobans and all Canadians of cooperation in collecting, compiling, analyzing, producing and disseminating local, provincial and national information about the labour market and labour market. 19.5 Manitoba agrees that if automated information kiosks provided by Canada and providing labour market information are installed in Manitoba-managed premises, the premises have appropriate signage indicating that the kiosks are provided by Canada.

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